Gold Buying

Gold: $1,800.34
Gold Scrap
Gold Bullion
Silver: $20.02
Silver Bullion
9k $14.07
10k $17.62
14k $24.72
18k $31.69
21k $37.05
22k $38.18
24k $49.78
Buy Sell
1oz $1,710.32 $1,854.35
Canadian $1,764.33 $1,890.36
Buy Sell
1oz $20.42 $23.03
Maple/Bar $21.02 $23.63
5oz $101.11 $114.13
10oz $202.22 $228.25
100oz $1,942.15 $2,142.37

Royal Canadian Mint Bullion DNA Dealer


B/Back Jewellery and Loan is happy to announce that we are now an officially recognized Royal Canadian Mint Bullion DNA Dealer.


This grants B/Back access to the Royal Canadian Mint's world-leading pure gold and silver bullion, as well as the sophisticated Bullion DNA verification tools to help authenticate newer gold and silver maple coins.

Our History of Purchasing Gold

B/Back Jewellery and Loan has been buying your gold, diamonds and other precious metals and stones for over twenty years.

Since our inception in 1995, B/Back has been London’s most trusted gold buyer.

Bring us your gold and diamonds, whether you have new, used, scrap or broken gold, B/Back pays more.

B/Back has over twenty years of expertise in assessing and determining the value of your items.

With industry standard gold testers, diamond testers, jewellery loupes, and even a certified diamond grader on staff, we can assess any item quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Loan Options

If you’re not looking to part ways with your items, B/Back still has other options for you!


B/Back Jewellery & Loan can offer you a confidential collateral loan based on any of the items you would otherwise need to sell to a precious metal scrapper or company that strictly purchases gold.


With no obligation and rates as low as 5% per month, stop in and get a quote; you can sell, loan or trade your items at your leisure with no pressure.


If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call or email us at